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Carpet Cleaning Tips & Tricks

To keep a new wool carpet looking its best for longer, routine maintenance is essential. Periodic cleaning, immediate spill clean ups and spot removal and regular vacuuming are a must!
On the plus side, very little is required to keep a carpet looking good and clean. A decent vacuum cleaner, paper tissues to remove spills and carpet shampoo are all you really need!

Stain removing tips

Cleaning your carpet on a regular basis really does make a difference in the length it will last. If you want your carpet looking its best, follow these tips.

First, clean up spills when they happen! Stains only set because you give them time to! Most carpets come pretreated to reduce the chance of stains and soiling. Though they are effective, these treatments are not 100% and will wear off.

Vacuum clean regularly and thoroughly to remove gritty dirt that can damage the fibbers.
When your carpet or rug reaches a stage where it could do with a really good cleaning, you can either do the job yourself, or you can call in a professional carpet cleaning company.

If you are considering cleaning the carpet or rug yourself make sure to use qualified products for the job. An example of a tested, safe and effective product that works wonders is ‘Woolsafe’ it works wonders are any type of tapestry, especially wool and wool blends. 

Using dish soaps or other household cleaners is not a good idea! They will clean your carpet, yes, but a number of problems arise when you do so, such as rapid resoling, having the color bleed, and even cause damage to the back of the carpet. Many dry cleaners and hardware stores have carpet cleaning machines that you can purchase, but again, be sure that if you use this machine, that you use a suitable detergent with it.

Before starting ANY wet cleaning ALWAYS test the carpet in an inconspicuous place for color fastness. Also check, if possible, any maintenance leaflet that came with the carpet for the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding wet cleaning.

Entrance mats for all outdoor entrances to your home are strongly suggested. Having entrance mats will reduce the amount of street filth that is brought in on the soles of shoes, ect. These mats will need to be cleaned regularly as well. Removing shoes at the welcome mat is another great and simple way to keep your carpet looking great. By keeping dirt tracked in from your shoes from getting to your carpet, the abrasive effect it has on carpet fibers is drastically reduced. You not only keep your carpet looking better longer; you prolong its life.

Most new carpets will shed a decent amount of fibers during the first few weeks of on floor usage. This is caused simply by the carpet was made and there is no need for alarm. It will stop eventually, just vacuum the carpet a bit more carefully in the meantime.

From time to time the occasional tuft may appear above the surface of the carpet. Cut them down to the same size as the surrounding tufts, but NEVER pull them out.

Though your carpet is likely to change its color for a number of reasons (usually thanks to pile flattening/ gradual dirtying and the dyes on the fibers fading) a professional cleaning will almost always restore the carpets appearance. But no one can work miracles; sometimes the color change is irreversible.

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Carpets around the edges of a room, near air ducts and under doors may display increased soiling. This is caused by soil filtration (or fogging), where the fibbers keeping out the dirt particles from the air blowing around the room.

To ensure that your carpet is smelling the best it cab be, sprinkle a carpet freshener, or even baking soda on your rug every couple of weeks before passing a vacuum cleaner. This will keep down the smell of cigarettes. body odor and food from emitting.

Post: Carpet Cleaning Tips & Tricks

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