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Whenever the Spring season approaches, we all know what comes next and that thirst of wanting  a fresh and crystal clean home.  That’s what spring is supposed to feel like and what we will help you achieve with some 30 tips of the trade.  After the harsh days of winter, we’re all ready to clean up and welcome the spring and what a better way of having a checklist handy.

30 Home Cleaning Tips and Tricks to prepare for Spring Season

  1. When dusting move around the room in a circle, dust the highest points first eventually moving down to the floor.
  2. Flip or rotate your mattress.
  3. Wash pillows and curtain to remove dust mites and allergens.
  4. Organize and thoroughly clean kitchen cabinets and fridge. Throw out any expired food.
  5. Swap heavy quilts and blankets for light weight bedding. Be sure to clean and thoroughly dry before storing. Add cedar or lavender satchets to ensure freshness.
  6. Grow herbs inside to later transplant outside. Germinate seeds by placing in plastic bag on a moistened paper towel and placing directly in sunlight.
  7. Run your dehumidifier to remove moisture.
  8. Clean and ventilate basement.
  9. Clean carpets at the end of mud season. Rent a professional steamer to really get a deep clean.
  10. Wash windows. Start from the inside and then move outside.
  11. Air dry rugs on clothesline to freshen.
  12. Install your air conditioners. Be sure to dust thoroughly and wash filter with soap.
  13. Clean the deck to get ready for those outside fiestas. Try this homemade scrub: 1 cup of powdered laundry detergent to a gallon of hot water, add one half cup of bleach to kill any mildew or moss.
  14. Check shrubs and plants for winter damage, prune as necessary.
  15. Put up window boxes, ensure drainage hole is working.
  16. Unpack hoses and examine for leaks and cracks.
  17. Replace batteries on smoke alarms and CO detectors.
  18. Fertilize lawn with high Nitrogen fertilizer. Apply organic weed killer if necessary.
  19. Sweep steps and replace doormats as necessary. Be sure to place a doormat outside and inside door to trap the most dirt possible.
  20. Vacuuming in natural light will help prevent missing spots.
  21. Clean shower curtain by placing in washing machine to kill all mildew.
  22. Clean dirty faucets: first wipe with damp cloth, than swab with vinegar, then place towel soaked in vinegar around faucet, allow to stand for 1 hour and finally, wipe down with a clean cloth.
  23. Wash windows on cloudy days to prevent too rapid drying.
  24. Use vertical strokes to wash windows on one side and horizontal strokes on the opposite side. This way if you do get streaks you will be able to easily identify what side they are on.
  25. For a DIY air freshener, douse cotton balls in your favorite fragrant oil and place in corners of bathroom.
  26. Now is the time to get behind the big furniture you don’t normally touch! Move couches, beds, and other big furniture for a good dusting and vacuum.
  27. Hide nicks and scratches in wood with a wood polish product. Try Method’s Almond Oil Wood Cleaner. It’s good for the environment and smells amazing!
  28. Dust lightbulbs, unscrew and wipe down with a microfiber cloth.
  29. Protect wooden floors by replacing any dirty or worn surface protectors on any furniture legs.
  30. Restock any needed cleaning supplies.
  31. RELAX…and enjoy your clean and fresh home…you have earned it! And get out there and enjoy the beautiful spring weather!!!!

Post: 30 Home Cleaning Tips and Tricks to prepare for Spring Season

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